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At RattlesnakeTV, we are dedicated to engaging in thought-provoking discussions on important and controversial topics, including masculinity, intersexual dynamics, culture war and geopolitics. Our approach is both humorous and backed by extensive research. Join us in our mission to provide and create a platform for discussions on these current and relevant topics.

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On the platform “locals”, RattlesnakeTV is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of open discourse and providing a platform for uncensored discussions on crucial and controversial topics like masculinity, intersexual dynamics, culture wars, and geopolitics. Our unique approach combines humor with thorough research, making our content both entertaining and informative. Join us as we delve into thought-provoking discussions on current and relevant issues.

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5 nonverbal techniques - RattlesnakeTV

About us

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About Jake

Jake creates content that slices through complex issues with humour and clarity. He is obsessed with research-informed opinion and loathes blind conformity. He loves a debate, but enter at your own peril – informed, armed and dangerous and ready for some vigorous verbal ping pong.

Vincent RattlesnakeTV

About Vincent

Vincent is the epitome of the cool, charming creative. A videographer without a cause. Constantly aching for cinematic satisfaction, aiming for the holy grail of content creation greatness. But in the meantime he’s happy to work on RattlesnakeTV.

Vincent RattlesnakeTV

About Sebastian

Sebastian is the quiet contributor to the RattlesnakeTV mission.
When he’s not pumping iron or making strategic moves on the chessboard, he’s busy keeping our website running like a well-oiled machine.