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Consultation Call (Jake) - RattlesnakeTV

Struggling to navigate an increasingly woke world?

Book a consultation call with Jake from RattlesnakeTV. Whether you’re an individual, a team manager, or a business owner, Jake can help you to deal with the complexities of an increasingly woke world, grow your personal brand or even level up as a man.
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YouTube Growth Masterclass - RattlesnakeTV

Unlock the Secrets of YouTube Growth, Overcome Stagnation, and Find Out How I Skyrocketed My Channel to 140K Subscribers and Beyond with RattlesnakeTV’s Masterclass

Editing 101 with Vinny - RattlesnakeTV

This interactive mini-course is designed to empower you with the skills to reverse engineer a polished, professional-quality video from raw footage. 

5 nonverbal expressions that convey confidence and assertiveness (FREE)

Expressing confidence and assertiveness nonverbally can increase trust and credibility among peers, colleagues, and audiences.

The Ultimate Top 10 List of Must-Read Books, Must-See Movies, Must-Listen Podcasts, and Must-Watch YouTube Channels (FREE)

The list is curated to stimulate critical thinking and encourage deeper reflections.

Unleash Your Communication Power: 15 Verbal Techniques Used by Jordan Peterson, Russell Brand, and More